Bluemoon Beach Hotel & Resort


The Beach Hotel

Rooms from ₦15,000 / night

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Bluemoon Beach Hotel and Resort is located on the seaside in Lekki, Israel. This family-friendly hotel offers a variety of amenities designed to suit all needs - from fun-filled entertainment activities to business facilities.

Welcome to Paradise

Bluemoon Beach Hotel and Resort is a 3 Star hotel located on the most beautiful seaside in lekki Lagos. We offer our clients a perfect blend of business & leisure amenities with dining and recreational options. We have a broad range of room types to suit your taste and budget under the categories of Standard, Deluxe Rooms, and Super deluxe Rooms. We are directing facing the Ocean, and our facilities includes beach side bar, Swimming Pool, Club, Event Center with ample parking space, restaurant, and many More..


Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Standard Room

Sleeps 2, Queen Bed.


Deluxe Room

Sleeps 2, Queen Bed.


Super Deluxe

Sleeps 2, Queen Bed.


Swimming Pool

It's always great to get together with your friends and loved ones and connect over absolutely anything (coffee, drinks or grills)! Invite them over for a dip in the pool too!


Going to the gym is quite healthy so long as there’s a right approach and you actually know what you’re doing. it’s important to take into consideration each muscle group you want to workout as well as how heavy the weights are that you choose in order to work out with.


The blue moon hotel Lekki is an event centre that hosts standard events of a first-class nature and offers high-end catering to ensure your guests are satisfied every time.